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G66+ Live :: 7th Community Cultural Festival :: 2011

Community cultural festivals across the UK

Every year, there are street events and traditional festivals arranged all across the UK. With such a wide selection you can choose from, there is no doubt that everyone will love the folklore and the blend of many arts and international influences. Not only are they beneficial to the communities, but also for the tourists who seek leisure and fun activities. Spend your holiday with a cultural festival and you will not get bored.

Choose between the entertaining events within Britain and try to savor each moment. Take your family members to those that most appeal to them and create good memories together. You can take part In the Notting Hill Carnival and admire the colorful costumed bands’ parade. Spend an August weekend in London and enjoy one of the biggest street festivals in Europe. Join the party, dance alongside the performers and keep an eye on the yummy food stalls.

While they are in a lively environment, visitors learn new things about the local customs. If you like exciting music festivals do not stay and go to Edinburgh for the New Year’s celebration. From live bands or DJs who bring to life the street crowds to impressive festivities in the center of the city to the fireworks spectacle from the Edinburgh Castle, it would be a shame if you miss the Hogmanay Street Party.

Whether you go to the popular Fringe art festival in Scotland for the numerous dance, music and comedy performances, or you head out to Eisteddfod’s one for the Welsh music, literature and theater representations, you will definitely live an unforgettable adventure. Plan a trip to your favorite place and explore its cultural life. Bring your camera with you and make sure you capture all the special moments in photos. Stop anytime at the local pubs for a traditional meal.

If you are interested in the international street celebrations, give it a try to the Chinese New Year ones in London or Liverpool. People love the dragon dances, the Chinese cuisine, martial arts demonstrations, the community’s lovely decorations and the stunning fireworks. Your children will take joy in the festive atmosphere, vibrant costumes and face painting. It is the perfect time for you to relax and play interesting games with your loved ones. Learn more about Asia and their lifestyle.

Halloween is a great opportunity for a drive to the Celtic celebration of Samhain. Get a glimpse of the rituals and traditions, but do not miss on the clubs’ parties and dress in the spookiest costume. Let the Latin highlights draw you to London to the amazing Latin American carnival during summer. Keep up with the Brazilian dancers and the samba drummers from Rio. You will appreciate the multicultural parade, the food and the rhythmic beats of reggaeton and regional hip-hop.

Cultural festivals in the United Kingdom are wonderful for the individuals who seek some pastimes after stressful days at work. You can create strong bonds with friends or strengthen your relationship with your family and find pleasure in little things. Discover great places around the country and meet new people who share your appreciation for quality divertissement. Treasure every minute of the events and have fun!

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