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Greatest English and Celtic folk artists

Folk music has always been embraced in Britain. With so many talented English and Celtic artists, there is no surprise that this music genre is very popular across in world. From its foundation to modern days, it has been used on many occasions to cheer people up. Whether you like ballads, carols, happy or work songs, there are plenty of albums that will conquer your heart for good. Famous for its iconic folk pieces in the 1960s, singer and songwriter Ewan MacColl is considered to be one of the most important figures in the history of English folk music. His ballads and blues are still played today by fans and are appreciated within the country and more. You can also listen anytime to the Celtic band The Chieftains at a musical festival and be entertained by their popular Irish tracks.

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Another great influential artist who contributed to the England’s folk revival is Davey Graham. With impressive guitar skills and instrumental reinterpretations of hit songs, the singer has incorporated many international influences in his tunes. He collaborated with Shirley Collins who is a significant presence in the folk music scene as well. Let her breathy and sweet voice invade your thoughts and relax you after a difficult time. Known as the first folk band in the UK, Fairpont Convention has managed to win the favors of many with its approach on folk rock and electric. Take pleasure in the timeless melodies and the perfect arrangements. With a wide discography, books and his participation in a well-known cultural festival in the past, A. L. Lloyd is an unforgettable person to the British folk movement.

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Many artists have fought to keep the traditions awake and have succeeded. Their albums accentuate the amazing variety of the folk tunes, fusions and international influences. Add these incredible pieces to your favorite playlist and explore the large number of styles and rhythms. Keep the great artists’ work alive and let it accompany you through your joyous moments in life!

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